Tensei Ouji Wa Daraketai

Raws: https://www.alphapolis.co.jp/novel/37170212/976047535

p.s: If you find a different site where the raws are free please share them with me 🙏


I, Ichinose Haruto, am a college student that reincarnated as the small country of Greshart’s youngest prince, Phil Grishart.

Living a previous life that’s full of restraint, in this world while petting my beloved fluffy pet, I’m going to live a life full of freedom!
Or so I thought …… But starting from summoned beasts to spirits, ores, and monsters. The more I know about this world the more evident the outbreak of trouble is.
I want to live a lazybone’s life, but it’s not possible at all!

I want to be lazy but I can’t, Phil’s tale is just about to begin!

Update Schedule: bi-weekly (every 2 weeks).

I will link to the first part of each chapter, you can use the next/previous buttons to navigate between chapters/parts. If you guys want links to each part then please do inform me, I’ll do it when I can.

Volume 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


5 thoughts on “Tensei Ouji Wa Daraketai

  1. It’s been a long time since you posted. Did you drop the project? If so, the next time I see a TR looking something new I can recommend this. Tr’s don’t look for new work very often though.

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