TOD Chapter 2.6

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「I will dance !」

Since I can’t help it I started dancing the bon festival dance.

I finally danced after who knows how many years, it is strange that I can’t forget how.

Because I’m dancing soundlessly, the sound of my clapping hands echoed loudly.

Aaah* …… It’s like when a banquet hall goes into dead silence after giving out a one-liner.
*t/n: This was うぅ, I’d love to write U~u but it looks weird..

However, after a while, the animals who saw my appearance began to gather around little by little. Moreover, they came behind me and danced as they were mimicking me.


K, k-k-k-kawaii* !
*t/n: kawaii vs cute, that is the question

Rabbits with horns in their heads, big-eared foxes, and squirrels that were around the size of a small dog; there were many other animals that I had never seen before. The small animals and I formed a circle as we danced the bon festival dance. The dance was very quiet, but it was the best and felt like a fairy tale.

I may have started it unwillingly, but …… The power of dancing is amazing. After two rounds around, a sense of solidarity was born from the dance.

Before I knew it, I was laughing with the animals as we danced the bon festival dance.

Ahaha, it’s really fun ! It’s too much of an impossible situation.

However, suddenly the animals scattered and disappeared*.
*t/n: it says “They scattered in all directions like baby spiders.” rather than just “scattered”.

「Eh, huh ? What’s wrong ?」

Suddenly, the place fell into silence as I was left alone; then I looked around me. And then I caught sight of a large shadow that was slowly approaching.

【What a strange person……】

The words that were said while laughing somehow sounded as if they were evaluating me.

It’s a huge black wolf. Let alone children, it’s size is so large that even adults could comfortably sit on its back.

However, what surprised even more than that was it’s color and its fur. It’s fur is probably the color of a crow’s wet feathers*.
*t/n: “Color of a crow’s wet feathers” could also mean that the wolf’s fur was a glossy jet black but I stuck with this translation because I didn’t want to chop off the rest of the sentence.

Black glossy fur covered it’s entire body, it had two fluffy tails that swayed elegantly*.
*t/n: “two tails” was originally “tail divided into two” but I thought the translation I used made more sense

「Waaa, how pretty」

I unintentionally said it out loud* in admiration. And the wolf narrowed his eyes in happiness.
*t/n: The raws say that he “let out” or “leaked” a “sound in admiration”

【Are you not afraid of me ?】

When I was asked, I quickly shook my head.

「Why ? Even though you’re this beautiful」

【Almost everyone shows a reaction like those guys over there】

When I observed my surroundings again, the animals that were dancing were huddled together quivering in the distance. They were clearly afraid.

Is this wolf higher in rank than these animals ?

Come to think of it, did Aria say that animals would sometimes come from the forest ? And that’s why I needed escorts.

But, as I thought, I don’t feel scared.

If I were to say whether I’m a dog person or a cat person, then I’m definitely a dog person.

I wonder if it’s because I could not find a difference between this wolf and a dog besides it having two tails, and its large size.

And I am more concerned about its beautiful fluffy fur than I am afraid.

The wolf seemed turned around me with apparent interest. Everytime he passed by in front of me, his tail shook and swayed as if tempting me.

「It looks like it would be extremely pleasant to the touch」

When he heard my words, the wolf giggled and could not suppress itself as it burst into laughter.

【The dance from earlier was good, you’re a funny guy】

Please don’t bring up the Bon festival dance.

But since he laughed, a bit of a friendly feeling formed.

「I want to ask you for a favor ……」

【What ?】

「Can I pet you ?」

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    1. It’s not supposed to be, many things have been going on IRL so I’m trying to organize myself a bit before starting again.. Of course I understand readers’ hunger for updates (and I don’t mean that in a bad way cuz I’m an update hungry person myself) so if anyone wants to take this up I wouldn’t say no.. I do hope I can keep the updates coming soon..


      1. Hello, I’m Nell from Shin Translations. I’m interested to take up this novel if you don’t mind. I’ve read the manga and found it to be quite interesting. Pls contact me via email shintranslationscom(@)gmail(dot)com or you can just reply here. Cheers!


  1. Did the current translation exceed the translation of the manga (if you read it of course), so I know wether or no I should begin to read the novel ?
    If you don’t, the manga is currently at the SPOIL moment MC created a Rainbow with Jewels SPOIL END

    Unfortunately, the manga is being translated quite slowly, but it isn’t because of the translator, rather it’s the manga which is written quite slowly.

    But I saw hope when I discovered the manga was actually based upon a novel. It’s just that it doesn’t seem translated really far (volume 2 on 7 volumes) and well, the pace doesn’t seem very fast.

    Of course, I know you do that freely and we do not have the right to complain about anything, but do you think you could accelerate the releases a little ? (like 1/week)

    Thanks four your work and replies (hoping a positive answer for both of my questions)



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    1. Hey~

      We are pretty far off so you can wait on the novel for a while. I know the manga translations are pretty slow but so are mine, it’s all new to me and life keeps happening so every time I start sticking to a schedule and preparing to increase my pace, something happens.

      About the 2 volumes thing 😅,, I’m not sure where you heard that but this would be chapter 2 part 6.

      I feel so bad that you got a negative answer for both questions 💔


  2. 【What a unique person……】
    well i see this in Manga he said “what a strange kid”
    I wonder if it’s because I could not find a difference between this “fox” and a dog besides it having two tails, and its large size.
    i think Wolf not Fox…
    thanks for the chapter

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    1. However, suddenly the animals scattered and disappeared*.

      However, suddenly the animals running away and hide them self*. sound more right i think…

      However, what surprised even more than that was it’s color and its hair. It’s hair is probably the color of a crow’s wet feathers*.
      “black shiny” or “black shine” well shiny sounds more better… oh i suggest you use “Fur’s” instead “Hair” because we talk about animals…

      Black glossy hair covered it’s entire body, it had two fluffy tails that swayed elegantly*
      “Black shiny “fluffy” – “soft” – “silky” fur’s covered it’s entire body,and what’s make its more deferent than normal Wolf it’s had two tails*

      the last part really hard, and i think “silky” wrong because silk usually use on clothes and shampoo maybe 🤔

      Arghh! my brain cramps! now i know how you feel translate use Google., i tell ya, i don’t know Japanese! i just use Google translate and make my own verse TL haha😀
      urmm.. if i wrong don’t blames or be mad at me.. that all for today’s Cyaa next time (>.<)

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      1. Lol same I feel a need for sugar after I translate XD

        I actually wanted to use fur instead of hair but then when I googled it I found them talking about wolfs using hair rather than fur so I stuck to the Japanese text.. But since even the readers feel the same as I do I’ll go with fur 😊

        Thanks for mentioning those points ♥️


      2. well the last part better use soft” because next chapter have mention about kokuyou soft fur’ i have to reply my own comment because space become more smaller >.<
        i need give my brains sugars, time to watch Hent.. ehem! i mean research AV (animal video) about Wolf them use "Hair or Fur's" hahaha XD


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