TOD Chapter 2.5

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I stretched out and took a big breath.

This is a hill outside the castle.

I haven’t gone outside the castle in a long time. I was so engrossed in collecting information about summoned beasts I became like a hikikomori 1 by the time I realized it. It feels good to be outside after such a long time. The weather is also not too hot nor too cold, it’s really the best to bask in the sun.

When I come next time, let’s bring a picnic sheet instead and laze about.

Now then, the plan for the day is to find an animal that I can make my summoned beast. Although one might say that I’m still 4 years-old, I know that the problem is the distance. (t/n: no it’s not) That’s why I decided to explore the hill that’s really close to the castle.

Compared to the forest that’s a short distance away from here, it seems I’ll only get a low-level animal with weak abilities. But because it’s my first summoned beast, it might be better this way.

As I try to walk, I stealthily look back at the castle. It doesn’t seem like there’s a commotion.

Actually, I thought the back of the hill was a distance that I could come back from soon, and I kept it a secret from everyone in the castle and came alone.

I feel sorry but I can’t help it. Mom said that if I, a prince, were to go outside the castle, then ten escorts and several maids must follow me just in case. It’s too much whatever the circumstances.

I understand their feelings that they can’t let a 4 year-old prince go outside the castle alone. Even for me, if I wasn’t in this position, forget sending guards, I might even accompany him myself. Still, it’ll be quite troublesome if I’m followed by a hord of maids and guards.

Even if I happen to meet an animal that I’d like to make my summoned beast, if there was a crowd of people it will be on guard and there’s a probability that we won’t be able to establish a contact ……

No. To be honest, that’s not the problem. When there are people around, there’s something to worry about when establishing a contract.

It’ll be the best* if I can sign a contract from a conversation. But it was mentioned in that book, that there are cases where one must sing and dance.

*t/n: This was “万々歳” = ban-banzai, something very celebratory or really great.

I don’t have confidence in my singing, even dancing, I can only dance the folk and bon festival dances. Even for those two, there must be music and a certain number of people if I’m going to do it.

Thinking that far, I remembered the time in middle school when I was the sports festival’s committee president. I danced the bon festival dance in front of all of the students as an example.

I unintentionally remembered and held my head with a “Guaah”.

That was embarrassing ! Why was the president who was trying harder than anyone being publicly executed ?* Everyone, they were also taught in elementary school, there shouldn’t be a need to teach them again in middle school. What were you doing to a sensitive adolescent, PE teacher !

*t/n: lol, he means he’s embarrassed so bad in public it’s like a public execution XD

I squirmed and held my head for a while, then I suddenly stopped and sighed again. Why, I wonder why I must be troubled by my past trauma even after reincarnating …… I want to forget about it.

「It should be fine if I go back before they return」

I reignited my fighting spirit then walked towards the castle walls.

There were guards stationed at the main and back gates. It was almost impossible to go out through there. However, there’s a hole in the walls that leads outside. It’s a secret passage that Hubert-niisan used when he skipped his studies.

The power of the castle’s safeguard, is it fine like this ? I became a bit worried about it.

The passage was hidden by tree branches, and I took them off while I was out of breath. It’s hard to do anything in a child’s body.

Somehow I managed to finish removing them, then I slowly and quietly went into the secret passage headfirst.

「There’s no one here」

I checked the other side, well then let’s escape from the castle walls. I wiped the dust off my clothes and surveyed my surroundings, immediately, a small hill came into sight right in front of me.

Alright ! Lets go quickly before anyone notices.

I run up the hill. But I stop quickly. I then gasp and wheeze heavily.

My legs are short …… A child’s body is terrible.

It was fine in level ground, however, if it’s a slope then the head is heavy so it pulls you down. I let my mind wander, at this rate I’ll fall backwards.*

*t/n: This was “roll backwards”, changed for readability I guess?
Aah, can’t I grow up quickly. I don’t have any physical strength. Even though I trained myself by doing Jiu-Jitsu as a daily morning exercise. Can’t I get physical strength quickly.

When I pinched my upper arm, it felt squishy and soft. There’s a long way to go.

I don’t think my body is weak, but ……

I sigh and keep on walking. Although it was just a small hill, it took me a long time to climb it. I look back at the castle while gasping for breath.

Damn itー, is it better to roll down when I go back ? I unconsciously get bitter and frustrating thoughts.

Well, I can think about it when it’s time to go back. Take heart, let’s explore !

It was spacious like a baseball ground at the top of the hill. The grass which reached my stomach spread all over the area.

There are dense short trees in the inner part, it looks like there are shrubs too.

Yeah, in that shrubbery, it seems like something is moving every now and then ……

As I drew near, it suddenly hid. I can’t see it well from the grass.


I call out cheerfully like uta no onii-san. 2

Actually, I wanted to talk to them on a one-to-one basis when they show up, but if they don’t come out of the bushes, it’s futile.

「Would you like to talk to meー!」

Then, I heard the cries of animals from all directions. They are examining the situation for some reason.

【Why is there such a small child here ?】
【This kind of place, usually he wouldn’t come to such a place alone right】
【Something’s suspicious】
【What should we do】

They were whispering in a loud voice.

Whoaー, it’s insanely suspicious.

【I wonder if he’s a companion of that kid that comes sometimes yelling out something】
【Ah, the one who was saying that 「Muscles are justice」】

【That. It was annoying】

…… It’s about Hubert-niisan. To think that it’s annoying to the animals as well. It’s so pitiful tears are coming out.

Is it …… Is it dancing ? Must I do that to show that there is no hostility here ?

What to do. What should I do.

It would be traumatic if a something like a mole appeared.* Nevertheless, to be honest, I can’t go back without an accomplishment after coming this far.

*t/n: I think this is a reference to something, just can’t find what. Or it might be a total mistranslation: “トラウマがモグラみたいにひょこひょこ顔を出す。”

1 Hikikomori: What the japanese refer to a socially withdrawn person as.

2 This is a kids reality show in Japan, link. I went and watched the 1st episode it’s actually pretty interesting and quite funny 😆.


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