TOD Chapter 1.5

I released this update faster because the last update was delayed (and this chapter’s much much shorter). Once again..

Here’s the link to the last part of chapter 1.

Sooo.. What happened was that I saw a continuation to chapter 1 when I clicked the link to chapter 2.. I didn’t realize until I saw a couple of indents followed by a number 2, indicating said chapter.

Well, next time we start a new chapter ! (This time for real 🐰)

p.s Thanks for all the likes, follows, and comments; they are super motivational and it makes all the effort worthwhile.


TOD Chapter 1.3

Ooooooh.. I’m so sorry this chapter was delayed so much 😣 I was away for two weeks due to circumstances. I rushed through this chapter as soon as I came back though! Next time I’ll try to give you guys a heads-up.

After finishing this part, I decided I would translate one chapter/part a week. I may increase the number of chapters somewhere along the way when I get faster at translating to the point where I can finish a part in a day or less.. I’ll try my best !

Here’s the link to the third part of chapter 1.

Just a side note, when I got to translating 70% of this part I had around 1k characters left,, It was sooo looong… Seems this part alone was 3.5k characters long…

Anyways, good news is that I got faster at translating! I managed to finish this part in 3 days! During those days I did nothing but translate though … More importantly, that means I can finish a chapter/part with the previous two’s length in a day!

Thanks for reading both my translation and this random chatter! See you next week! 🐰