TOD Chapter 1.5

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TOD Chapter 1.3

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TOD Chapter 1.1

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「Do not expect to live a life beyond the bare minimum」

t/n: I’m not sure about the first line it gave the most trouble honestly.. I think it means that the MC should not expect to live a luxurious life and that he should be satisfied with the bare minimum life requirements he will receive..

「Do not leave results that will bring shame to our household」

「Do not become a nuisance to me, Haruto」



Ahー, this dream again ……

I sure saw something disgusting.

Even though I don’t want to remember it, I sometimes see this kind of dream.

First year in middle school …… My maternal 1 grandfather said those words when my parents passed away.

My maternal grandmother and paternal 2 grandparents were gone. Alone with no other relatives, I understood that I must take care of myself to keep on living, and for the first time in my life I fell into despair.

At least to my salvation, I had reasonably superior academic skills. I chose a high-school with a dormitory and got in with a scholarship without the aid of my grandfather, I also got a scholarship in university and worked as a tutor part-time and lived alone. I didn’t get to live a luxurious life, but it was better than living with grandfather.

t/n: QAQ I weep for this child

However even if he was not next to me, I felt mentally restrained. I got tired of being chased during my life.

When I see this kind of dream, I end-up thinking about it.

A reserved honors student …… It wasn’t like that, but I wonder if I could have become a different person.

To have a carefree comfortable life, free of hindrances. Then get a pet, and pet its fluffy fur.

To make and eat delicious delicacies with cooking as a hobby. And build a warm family with the person I love.

If I work a lot during weekdays, I can get to spend my weekend idly and leisurely surrounded by the person and things I love ……



Ahh …… I want to laze around to my heart’s content.



I slowly open my heavy eyelids. Light flowed into the room, its radiance was blinding.

For it to be this bright outside, right now, what time is it? I overslept?

I wonder what is today’s month and day and what day of the week it is. Is it the day for my part-time job or my classes ……

My memory is kind of vague and I don’t remember much.

I only moved my eyes to survey the vicinity. The place I’m lying on, it seems it’s a bed that’s furnished with a canopy 3.

The bed had white covers containing gold threaded embroidery. The bed’s canopy was adorned with ornaments that looked like artistic antiques.

Even the curtains hanging down from the canopy,  they had a deep velvet color and were embroidered with golden thread, giving-off a very high class feeling.

Even with such a big bed there is excess space, that’s why I know it is a fairly large room.

This …… Where is this? Why am I sleeping in a place like this?

I observe the western-style room, my head is muddled from sleep but I start thinking.

To be honest, I’m not very good at waking up. Even if I open my eyes, for my mind to be fully awake is a different story. Every morning, I spend some time in a daze. That’s why, every time I have university classes I wake up two hours earlier than I should.

…… Something is strange.

My house, it’s in an old wooden apartment. A 1DK 4 that is six tatami mats large 5. It’s ceiling is made of cedar boards, and for many years there was a stain between the boards that formed a spooky shape. Although there is a bed, it’s a used one that I got from a friend, and of course, there is no canopy.

That, I wonder why I’m is in a place like this.

I can’t think straight. Is it because I’m half asleep? No, I can feel some throbbing pain. Did I knock my head against something?

…… I don’t know.

Jeez, I don’t know what to think about anymore so I’ll just sleep.

The dream from earlier, it must be my innermost desire to「laze away」. It’s so late in the day anyway, so let’s just give up for today and get some rest. Once my head is clearer, I can just try to think about it again then.

Okー, let’s do that.

I squirm in my futon to gather it around me, close my eyelids, and release my consciousness as I breath out.

t/n: I’m not sure if this makes sense but he’s squirming around to wrap the futon around himself 6… Then he falls asleep.

But, a sound disturbs me. I can hear someone speaking next to my ear.

Someone was calling me waking me up from my comfortable nap, reflexively I furrow my brows.

How noisy …… Who is it?


1 Grandfather from his mother’s side

2 Grandparents from his father’s side

Bed Canopy with curtains

Image result for bed Canopy aristocrat

4 1DK: An apartment with a room(1), a dining area(D), and a kitchen(K)

5 6 tatami mats in width, which is around 9.9 sqm

6 Wrapped in futon
Image result for wrap futon chibi

TOD Synopsis

I, Ichinose Haruto, am a college student that reincarnated as the small country of Greshart’s youngest prince, Phil Greshart.

Living a previous life that’s full of restraint, in this world while petting my beloved fluffy pet, I’m going to live a life full of freedom!
Or so I thought …… But starting from summoned beasts to spirits, ores, and monsters. The more I know about this world the more evident the outbreak of trouble is.
I want to live a lazybone’s life, but it’s not possible at all!

I want to be lazy but I can’t, Phil’s tale is just about to begin!